IBERCAROT, germ of EUROCAROTEN, praised for its achievements by CYTED

The Ibero-American network for the study of carotenoids as functional foods ingredients (IBERCAROT), germ of EUROCAROTEN, has been selected by the Ibero-American Programme for Science, Technology and Development (CYTED, http://www.cyted.org/) as one of the outstanding networks of the programme for its achievements in cooperation for the development. IBERCAROT is coordinated by Dr. Antonio J. Meléndez Martínez, Chair of EUROCAROTEN. Dr. Meléndez has been invited to present the activities and achievements of IBERCAROT to representatives of the national organisms of science and technology of the Ibero-American countries during the general assembly of CYTED, held in Varadero (Cuba) on 26-28 November. Over four years, this network has facilitated the capacity building among participants, the training of young researchers, the establishment of long-lasting collaborations and catalyzed the obtaining of funding for research and development. IBERCAROT has also produced a free e-book in Spanish (link to book) and categorized the carotenoid content of Ibero-American foods to contribute to promote healthy eating habits and help farmers and producers re-valorize native species.



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