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STSM – Application Guidelines


The guidance provided in the following document does not replace or affect any of the administrative requirements and contractual obligations contained in the COST Vademecum and the EUROCAROTEN COST Action Grant Agreement.


Please download this document to know all about STSM Application Guidelines!





Applications for new STSMs in grant period 4 (GP4) closed until further notice


Due to the avalanche of applications in the first weeks of GP4, most of the funding budgeted for STSM have already been engaged. 

In this sense, the applications for new STSMs will be closed until further notice. 

STSMs already pre-approved for GP4 at some point that need to be eventually carried out in dates different to the ones indicated in the original applications can be re-submitted for re-approval. In these cases, the amount of funding requested must be the same that in the first application.

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