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The Think Tank (TT) group integrates the EUROCAROTEN Steering Committee (SC), with the goal of helping and promoting the career development of Early Career Investigators (ECI). Some of the objectives of the TT group include:

  • To serve as an intermediary between the ECIs and the EUROCAROTEN Committees;
  • Creating a space for dialogue and debate amongst ECIs;
  • Dissemination of information relevant to ECIs via social networks, EUROCAROTEN Webpage and Newsletter;
  • To promote the organization of workshops and summer schools, according to the major needs appointed by the ECIs;
  • Encourage and support ECIs to participate as candidates for prestigious fellowships such as Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions;
  • Promoting leadership and decision making, by encouraging ECIs to participate as potential candidates for different positions within the Cost Action.


The TT group has two elected representatives (RRT), whom ECIs can contact at any moment with questions and/or suggestions.

Representatives are renewed annually, and will be chosen from amongst the ECIs. Everyone is welcome to apply.

The TT is a work in progress, meaning that as we go along, our objective list may grow and with your feedback, we’ll be able to provide a better support platform for the ECIs.


Representatives for 2016 (1st Grant Period):

Joana Corte-Real (

Paula Mapelli Brahm (


Representatives for 2017 (2nd Grant Period):

Mohammed Iddir (

Ludmila Bogacz-Radomska (


Representatives for 2018 (3nd Grant Period):

Sanja Krstić (

Marina Green (


Representatives for 2019 (4th Grant Period):

Anisa Peculi (

Ng'andwe Kalungwana (


ECI spokesperson

Kristina Kljak (

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