EUROCAROTEN Workshop on Sustainable Production of Carotenoids – From Biosynthesis to Biotechnology

The EUROCAROTEN Workshop on Sustainable Production of Carotenoids - From Biosynthesis to Biotechnology, organized by WG1, will take place the days 16 and 17 of October 2017 in conjunction with the annual management committee and working group meetings (to be held on 17-18 October 2017) of the EU COST Action CA15136 - EUROCAROTEN. It will address recent developments in the fields of carotenoid biosynthesis, carotenoid biotechnology, carotenoid extraction and bioprocessing.


Main subjects include:

  • Carotenoid biosynthesis and accumulation (in all organisms);
  • Metabolic engineering and Synthetic Biology approaches to carotenoid production Novel sources of natural carotenoids;
  • Carotenoid Biotechnology;
  • Industrial production and nnovative processing technologies.


The workshop will comprise of key lectures by invited speakers from academia and industry and of contributed lectures by early career investigators (ECIs) selected by the workshop organizing committee from abstracts. ECIs are individuals who are doctoral students or within a time span of up to 8 years from the date they obtained their PhD/doctorate. 


For more information read the full document here.

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