Special Issue: Marine Carotenoids in Inflammation and Cancer

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Guest Editors: 

Prof. Dr. Elena Talero and Dr. Javier Ávila-Román


Marine Drugs/ (IF 4.073, http://www.mdpi.com/journal/marinedrugs) is a fully open access journal. The median publication time of Marine Drugs in 2020 is 33 days (from submission to publication); the median first decision time is 12 days (from submission to first decision). In Scopus, CiteScore Tracker 2020 of Marine Drugs is 6.3 (CiteScore 2019 of Marine Drugs is 5.1). In Web of Science, Marine Drugs papers have been cited 20405 times in 2020 (+35.64% compared with that in 2019, 15043 times).

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