Participants Database

Photo EUROCAROTEN role First namesort descending Last name Country Institution WG option 1 WG option 2
Management Committee Lizeth Gonzales United States 72 WG3 WG4
Management Committee Logan Harris United States 66 WG3 WG3
WG Participant Lois Morris United States 67 WG2 WG4
WG Participant Lorenzo Zacarias Spain IATA-CSIC WG1 WG2
Management Committee Substitute Louise Schlüter Denmark DHI WG1 WG4
Management Committee Lourdes Gomez Gomez Spain University of Castilla - La Mancha WG1 WG4
WG Participant Luci Lawson United States 68 WG2 WG3
Management Committee Substitute Ludmila Bogacz-Radomska Poland Institute of Chemistry and Food Technology at Wroclaw University of Economics WG1 WG2
WG Participant Luis Mayor Austria ISEKI-Food Association WG4 WG1
WG Participant Luisa Gouveia Portugal LNEG WG1 WG2


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