Participants Database

Photo EUROCAROTEN role First namesort descending Last name Country Institution WG option 1 WG option 2
Management Committee Substitute Bella Ferguson United States 39 WG4 WG3
WG Participant Benita Christensen United States 92 WG2 WG2
Management Committee Bente Kirkhus Norway Nofima AS WG2 WG3
Management Committee Substitute Betsy Hernandez United States 91 WG2 WG3
Management Committee Bett Trevino United States 67 WG3 WG2
Management Committee Beverley Estes United States 48 WG1 WG3
WG Participant Braelynn Coleman United States 45 WG2 WG3
Management Committee Brigitte Winklhofer-Roob Austria Karl-Franzens University of Graz WG3 WG2
Management Committee Briley Turner United States 36 WG2 WG2
Management Committee Briseis Osborne United States 29 WG3 WG2


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