Participants Database

Photo EUROCAROTEN role First name Last name Country Institution WG option 1 WG option 2
Management Committee Addison Cash United States 82 WG3 WG2
Management Committee Substitute Elma Castro United States 70 WG2 WG3
WG Participant Milan Certik Slovak Republic Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology WG1 WG2
Management Committee Substitute Tony Chan United States 97 WG2 WG1
Management Committee Molly Chandler United States 61 WG4 WG4
Management Committee Alisa Chapman United States 58 WG2 WG2
WG Participant Smain CHEMAT Algérie Centre de Recherches en Analyses Physico-Chimiques (CRAPC) WG1 WG2
WG Participant Benita Christensen United States 92 WG2 WG2
Management Committee Substitute Ammy Clarke United States 28 WG4 WG4
WG Participant Mckinley Cleveland United States 67 WG1 WG1


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